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POS Displays

We manufacture all types of display used for shop windows and retail. Whit our products all  brands get vitallity. 


On any type of material we create and decorate original logos in a interesting way.

Foamed PVC Display.

Foam PVC point-of-purchase display, screenprinted.

PMMA Display Panama Jack

Acrylic display.

Pop Sign display.

Methacrylate display , advertising in shoe store.

Metal POP display.

Metalic point-of-purchase display, engraving by using Nd:Yag laser.

Acrylic pop Display.

Black pmma and white pmma letters.

PVC display.

Digital printing display on a PVC surface.

Different sizes acrylic displays.

Types and sizes adapted to the requirements

Foam Display.
Acrylic POP display.

Display fabricado en metacrilato, taco con letras de metacrilato cortadas a láser y pegadas.

PMMA table tents.

Portamenú de metacrilato estándar decorado con ipresión digital.

Acrylic table tents.

Porta cartas de metacrilato de dos colores decorado con serigrafía.

Acrylic holder.

Porta Cartas de metacrilato con serigrafía de logo.

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